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Women’s Flag Football has become a nationally recognized sport. With companies like the NFL and Adidas supporting and investing in the sport, we see this emerging new sport shaking the nation in the near future. With this support and increased recognition, the National Association of Intercollegiate Association (NAIA) is the first to add the sport officially—now allowing colleges to add the sport to their sports roster and provide scholarship opportunities. Learn more about the NAIA, colleges in this association, and what scholarship opportunities are available by visiting their website.

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Girls' Flag Football

In the Girls' Flag Football program, girls will train and compete in non-contact flag football on a junior level. All girls with the experience to no experience are welcome to join this program to gain the skill, technique, and discipline to graduate to the all-women Mississippi Lady Panthers football team. Girls will walk away with the tools to continue their journey in football beyond flag football and make a difference by being a leading example for girls who want to play football.

Ages: 10-18 (Players will play in groups depending on age ranges)

All Girls

Spring and Summer